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What led us to found
Blue Zen Trips?

Martin Jurčík - Founder of Blue ZenTrips:

My motivation for starting Blue Zen Trips sparks from a young age. I have been playing with cars and trains as I always transported my action figures or Lego citizens all over my room.

As I was growing up, I gathered experience in the service and most recently hospitality industry. I became dead set on building a service tailored for travel agents, who want to enrich journeys of their clients across Europe in style, comfort and most importantly peace of mind as our concierge will take care of your clientele.

Blue Zen Trips offers comfort, professional, experienced chauffeur-concierge who will take care of your clients.

Our motivation is to provide a professional, tailor-fit concierge service. We aim high in order to improve your travel agent experience as well as the experience of your clients during their journey.
Martin Jurčík - CEO
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